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Supple Tek Industries Pvt. Ltd positioned in heart of Punjab, a state that is famously known as Rice Bowl of India.

Supple Tek is a burgeoning enterprise crowned as the “Largest Exporter & Manufacturer of Basmati Rice” by APEDA and FIEO since 2012 in a row.

Driven by its belief and conscious effort to promote basmati pedigree across the world, Supple Tek has become a market leader as we contribute to around 15 % of Basmati Rice exports from India.

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Largest Exporter & Manufacturer of Basmati Rice

Key Figures

Domestic Sourcing Agent

  • 700000 mt Yearly Exports
  • 45 + Countries Around the World
  • 200 + Happy Buyers around the World
  • 20 + Major Retail chains distributes our products
  • 500 + The Growing team Employees
  • 5000 mt Rice Processing & packing Capacity per day