Welcome to Supple Tek

Supple Tek Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a

leading Basmati rice exporter and manufacturer

positioned in heart of Punjab, a state that is famously known as Rice Bowl of Indian Basmati.

Supple Tek is a burgeoning enterprise crowned as the “Largest Exporter & Manufacturer of Basmati Rice” by APEDA and FIEO since 2012 in a row.

Driven by its belief & conscious effort to promote basmati pedigree across the world, Supple Tek has become a market leader as we contribute to around 17 % of Basmati Rice exports from India.

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Latest offering from the house of Supple Tek is Sugar. Having set landmarks in Basmati Rice business in India and global markets. Supple Tek is making further its forays into the Sugar market internationally.

We monitor the global sugar markets to ensure the best price and consistent supplies are made available to our esteemed customers. Sugar is a commodity and requires attention, skillful selection & forecasting. Our years of expertise in dealing with commodities enables us to master this product line. The changing trade scenario in price, trends, and supply requires dedicated attention to this business. We work with sugar mills to source high-quality sugar at a competitive prices. At Supple Tek, we are putting all our efforts to ensure long-lasting relations with all our suppliers to keep consistency in our product line and looking out for our customer’s interests. We hereby welcome you to send us your inquiries about wholesale sugar, sugar distribution, pricing and we promise to serve you better each time.


White/Refined Sugar

White Refined sugar washed to offer white appearance and no molasses flavor. It contains 99.9% sucrose. Popularly used in common households and as ingredient in various edible processed foods and beverages.


Raw Sugar

Raw Sugar manufactured in India. It’s easy to transport & not necessarily required refining before consumption.


Largest Exporter & Manufacturer of Basmati Rice

Key Figures

  • 750000 MT Yearly Exports
  • 50 + Countries Around The World
  • 200 + Happy Buyers Around The World
  • 20 + Major Retail Chains Distribute Our Products
  • 500 + The Growing Team Employees
  • 5000 MT Rice Processing & Packing Capacity Per Day