Corporate Social Responsibility

Pure taste of farmlands

Sustainable Environment

Our business binds us to Mother Nature hence we are environment conscious. It’s important & vital that we take responsibility of the source from where our food originates. With climatic changes globally what we need today is environmental sustainability. By 2050 the world’s population is expected to reach 9.6 billion with 65 % of us living in urban areas.

It’s interesting to see that there is direct farm to consumer connection in the modern world which is a positive trend, more consumers are moving and opting for less preservatives and artificial products towards nature based products.

At Supple Tek our intent is to help our farming community understand how they can contribute towards saving our planet and the climatic changes that are changing at rapid speed. It is our corporate social responsibility to see that our farmlands are rich and healthy.

Pure Taste of Farmlands

Our quality team works with our farming community and mentors them about how to save our planet. We offer best rates for their produce, promote crop rotation, offer both knowledge and aid whenever required.


Community Involvement

Supple Tek works hand in hand with the farming community. Our Farmers Help Desk is a support line that offers information on crop protection, yield related issue during growing season. This information is provided to farmers of the area free of cost.

Supple Tek also helps farmers in stress with financial aids and they are not forced or under obligation to sell their produce to the company.

There are numerous humanitarian initiatives done at personal level by the management which they don’t like to spell loud.